Date:2018/06/26 Editor: hopofid

My work is my autobiography. My work plays and questions abstraction and
permanence. The pieces reflect my education in Bauhaus architecture, my
explorations of line and content, and my reaction to life in locations discovered
through my continued quest for knowledge.
Studying architecture at the Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago, created the
basis for the paintings and drawings. Architecture and structure form the logic
behind the way a painting is built and constructed. How do the tools used affect the
making of a line or volumes? Each work is an answer to a question exploring how
marks and gestures can be created to form a complete composition. What is the
difference between working on paper, film or linen? How does the same medium
react to differing circumstances.
Abstraction is not a style, but a state of mind...a balance of subtlety and boldness,
confidence and risk...the known, and that what needs to be found.

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