Poon kan chi solo exhibition“Power”

Date:2019/10/19 Editor: hopofid

Poon kan chi solo exhibition“Power” is opening on October 16th, 2019 at the Yak Bookstore in Beijing's Tencent Headquarters Building.

Poon kan chi solo exhibition“Power” 

The theme of my exhibition is called "power". Why? The power of art is endless. This power is transformed from love, and it can make people full of hope and energy. It can heal the mind, warm the heart, change everything, and pierce the sky. Art is a haven for my heart, repairing the wounds of growth. Let me gain the motivation and hope of life. Art, I pour everything to it, it also gives me strength. Let me gain a way to communicate with myself and the world. It opened up a spiritual back garden for me. Let me release it freely. Let me support the present, it is my indispensable
spiritual pillar.
My art comes from every feeling in life. It is unique, lively, and suddenly appears to be fleeting and needs to be grasped immediately. Become an artwork. The viewer's feeling helps increasing the temperature, which makes it catalyze, regenerate, and become a million incarnations.

—— Poonkanchi 

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