Artist Interview|Ho QingYuan Solo Exhibition—— Ethereal Mountain

Date:2019/10/05 Editor: hopofid

Ho Qingyuan Solo Exhibition“Ethereal Mountain”  is opening on September 16th, 2019 at the Yak Bookstore in Beijing's Tencent Headquarters Building. The exhibition will last until October 16, 2019.

Artist Interview:

Ho QingYuan Solo Exhibition—— Ethereal Mountain


Ethereal mountain is my creation nature. Creation process is similar to Ethereal mountain, silence, vipassana self, meditation. There is no right or wrong , universe and earth, everything is with me.


The works on display in this exhibition have some part of each series, which is a small summary. Each painting records a state of my life, recording a trace of my consciousness in that time and space. Whenever I look at them, I feel that I am talking to myself at that moment. A piece of work I believe that it has its own ability to speak, and I have given him an independent life at the moment of completion. Wait for each viewer to discover and feel.


——Ho QingYuan


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