Paul Lorenz
MFA, Music Composition, Vermont College of Fine Art (2019), Montpelier, Vermont
Extension Program, Painting, University of California, Berkeley, California
Studio Program, International School of Art, Montecastello di Vibio, Italy
Studio Program, School of the Art Institute of Chicago
Bachelor of Architecture degree, Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago, Illinois
Chamber Performances
2017 String Quartet No. 24 (extracted from Octet No. 1)
Alfred Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel
Pink Horizon (with Transient Canvas), Vermont College of Fine Art,
Montpelier, Vermont
2015 Octet No. 1 and Improvisation,
Biennale Internazionale dell’Arte Contemporanea, Florence, Italy
2013 Hackney WickED Art Festival, London, UK
Heygate Estate Improvisation Concert, London, UK
Sound Performances
2017 Membrane (with Todd Birdsong), 112 S. 5th Street, Paducah, Kentucky
U9N2E6S1C7O (with Todd Birdsong), UNESCO Conference, Paducah, Kentucky
2016 Untitled:Line (with Todd Birdsong), Paducah School of Art and Design,
Paducah, Kentucky
2015 Reclamation & Reception (with Todd Birdsong), Studio Mars, Paducah, Kentucky
Ink Makes Noise (with Todd Birdsong), Yeiser Art Center, Paducah, Kentucky
Video Scores
2016 Punctuation Marks for an Endless Sentence (with Ynin Shillo)
2015 Mary (with Glenn Hall), SELF Festival, Venice, Italy (in conjunction with the Venice
Residencies and Symposia
2014 Shangyuan Art Museum, artist in residence, Beijing, China
2013 Rhythm Analysis, artist in residence, Fourthland, London, UK
2009 Air Le Parc, artist in residence, Pampelonne, France
2008 Association des Beaux Arts, Monastir, Tunisia
Select Publications
2015 Shayukou, catalog for solo exhibition, Yeiser Art Center
Shayukou, book with CD, Yeiser Art Center
2014 Patron Magazine, February/March issue, ‘Noted Galleries. LuminArte Gallery’
Line and Sound, the London Recordings and Merida Sessions, book with CD
2011 House Beautiful, July/August Issue, ‘A 900 SF Apartment’
2009 Chicago Gallery News, April/August: Homey Advert, pg 14 and pg 44
2007 SRQ, November: ‘Ghost World: Absence and Shadow’
Chicago Home + Garden, September/October: ‘Picture This’
WOW, volume 11: ‘Paul Lorenz
2006 Arts Across Kentucky, Summer 2006: ‘Surpassing Expectations’
2003 Art of Northern California, Alcove Books, Berkeley, California
Solo Exhibitions (Drawing and Painting)
2016 Geometric Abstractions, LuminArte Gallery, Dallas, Texas
Nights and Clouds, the Center on Halsted, Chicago, Illinois
2015 Shayukou: the Paintings, Yeiser Art Center, Paducah, Kentucky
Personal Archaeology, Gallery IMA, Seattle, Washington
2012 Line and Shadow, Gallery IMA, Seattle, Washington
Architecture and Moment, the Center on Halsted, Chicago, Illinois
Color and Momentum, Homey Gallery, Chicago, Illinois
2011 In One Day, Cortona Gallery, Ashford University, Clinton, Iowa
2010 After France, Homey, Chicago, Illinois
2009 Oil and Water, Gallery IMA, Seattle, Washington
New Work, Galerie Daniel Vignal, Toulouse, France
New Work, Homey, Chicago, Illinois
2008 New Work, Greene Contemporary, Sarasota, Florida
Paper, Canvas and Panel, Homey, Chicago, Illinois
2007 New Work on Canvas, Greene Contemporary, Sarasota, Florida
Marks and Gestures, Hang, San Francisco, California
2005 New Work on Paper, Shidoni Gallery, Tesuque, New Mexico
2002 Running and Standing Still, Maturango Museum, Ridgecrest, California
On the Horizon, Hang, Palo Alto, California
2001 New Work, Hang, San Francisco, California
Select Group Exhibitions (Drawing and Painting)
2017 Abstract Mind, CICA Museum, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea
Cedarhurst Biennial, Cedarhurst Center for the Arts, Mt. Vernon, Illinois
2015 Pintura Fresca, Addington Gallery, Chicago, Illinois
2014 Outside the Lines, LuminArte Gallery, Dallas, Texas
Pintura Fresca, Eco-Domaine de l-Etrille, Bruz, France
Present Art, Couturier Gallery, Los Angeles, California
2013 Aligned, DM Contemporary, New York City, New York
New Works, LuminArte Gallery, Dallas, Texas
Palm Springs Modernism:Contemporary Work, Stephen Archdeacon Gallery,
Palm Springs, California
World Wide West, the Hofburg Palace, Innsbruck, Austria
The Summer Show, DM Contemporary, New York City, New York
Realites Nouvelles, Paris, France
2012 Realites Nouvelles, Paris, France
Pintura Fresca, MOP, Sydney, Australia
Unfolding Evolutions, Spazio Linea, Florence, Italy
2011 Pintura Fresca, Edsvik Konsthall, Sollentuna, Sweden (Stockholm)
The Summer Show, DM Contemporary, New York City, New York
Faces of Abstraction, Pyro Gallery, Louisville, Kentucky
It’s a Fine Line/Obsession and Will, DM Contemporary,
New York City, New York
2010 Pintura Fresca, Nothburga Gallery, Innsbruck, Austria
Art & Integration, Studio Artemisia, Palazzo della Podesta. Pescia, Italy
2009 Pinture Fresca, Holtzman Gallery, Towson University, Towson, Maryland
Pintura Fresca, Knauer Gallery, West Chester University, West Chester, Pennsylvania
Artists for Peace Art Action Project, Istanbul Dolmabahce Gallery, Istanbul, Turkey
2007 Pintura Fresca, Gallery 425, Slough, United Kingdom (London)
Pintura Fresca, artyfakt, Singapore
2006 Talent 2006, Allan Stone Gallery, New York City, New York
2005 Talent 2005, Allan Stone Gallery, New York City, New York
Kentucky National Biennial, Murray State University, Murray, KY
Water Tower Annual, Louisville Visual Art Association, Louisville, KY
2004 Water Tower Annual, Louisville Visual Art Association, Louisville, KY
ArtExpo.Mexico.04, Galeana 70, Centro, Morelia, Mexico
2002 Triennale International d’Art Contemporain, La Grande Arche,
Paris, France
2001 Biennale Internazionale dell’Arte Contemporanea, Fortezza da Basso,
Florence, Italy
2009 Biennale Internazionale dell’Arte Contemporanea, Florence, Italy
Citta de Firenze Medal
2005 Kentucky National Biennial, Third Place Winner
2001 Biennale Internazionale dell’Arte Contemporanea, Florence, Italy
Fifth Place Medal, Painting

Selected Works: