Artist Interview|Ho Qingyuan Solo Exhibition —Miracle

Date:2018/09/03 Editor: hopofid

Ho Qingyuan Solo Exhibition —"Miracle " successfully opened at the HOPOFID Gallery on July 28, 2018. This exhibition will showcase the artworks of Ho Qingyuan's "Miracle” series. Through his own exploration and questioning of life, the artist intends to build a balanced and peaceful soul world and write a grand chapter of life. By the artwork we can experience the deep communication between the artist and the soul.


Artist Interview:
1. Briefly introduce yourself and this exhibition:
HO: Hello everyone, I am Ho Qingyuan. This exhibition shows the works of my "Miracle" series. This part of the work was mainly created during the four years from 2013 to 2016.
2. Could you please interpret what your artworks?
HO: What I have done is still a purely visual aspect. Strictly speaking, this kind of painting itself refuses to interpret. Any interpretation will distort the connotation of the work itself. At the moment when the work is completed, it owns independence. Life and soul need the viewer to experience and feel through the picture, so that they can have a more direct communication with the work. I also want people who watch my artworks to focus more on the perception of the picture than on the interpretation of the work. So I can only briefly talk about my feelings, the cause of creation. The series originally originated from the thinking of human nature and the discussion of the meaning of life. Self-examination and questioning. Painting is a way for me to communicate with my soul. There are my doubts and thoughts here. Maybe everyone will have their own answers in their hearts, or they may never have an answer. But this is actually not important. The important thing is whether you have found your own comfort.
3. What do you think art means for you and your life?
HO: The role of art is to make people more aware of themselves. It is a mirror of their own heart. Can make people more transparent, closer to people, humanity. Rather than a hypocrite standing at the moral high ground. My paintings are actually human and humanity. The release of human desires, but also the rational suppression, just like the overall social morality of people's regulation, looking for a subtlety in madness.
4. Why do your oil paintings contain obvious ink(shuǐmò) elements?
HO: Because I like landscape painting since I was a child. “Ink - shuǐmò  " has always been the representative of traditional Chinese painting. It is soaked in this culture. It is a kind of thing that melts into the blood. And I think art should be rooted in the cultural traditions of its own nation. This is also a heritage in terms of cultural context. I have always hoped that this traditional culture can have a new expression in the contemporary context. How to re-convert the essence of this tradition in a new way is a question I am considering.
5. What is the difference between this "Miracle" solo exhibition and the work of your last "Lost World" solo exhibition?
HO: My last solo exhibition mainly exhibited works of my landscape oil painting, and more is a cultural exploration. Now, the works of this exhibition are more concerned with the state of human life and a question of my soul. It is a completely spiritual expression. Moreover, it has preserved some of the language, landscape images and organization forms formed during its landscape period. There is a relationship that inherits and advances.
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