Ho Qing Yuan 何庆源 

Born 1989 in China. Ho Qing Yuan received his Bachelor of oil painting in Fine Art degree at Qingdao University of Science and Technology in 2013. Establish art studio in Beijing since 2014 to now. Mainly focuses on re-expression of traditional Chinese culture in the contemporary art. Exploring the life and finding the most mystery feeling inside the human heart. Also, emphasizing the intention of visual and soul matching.
More works: http://www.qingyuanart.com
Solo Exhibitions

Ho Qingyuan Solo Exhibition ——The Lost World, Hong Kong Cultural Centre, Hong Kong
Selected Group Exhibitions

“A pure coincidence” art exhibition, Academy of arts&design,Tsinghua University, Beijing

New knight contemporary union of abstract painting art exhibition, Shanghai 50 Moganshan Road Art District No.3 buliding 110 room, Shanghai

China-France international art exhibition, Fine Arts Equivalence Gallery, China Beijing

New knight abstract painting art exhibition, 56 Gallery, Jiangsu Suzhou City

"Scenery here alone good" art exhibition, Qi Yun shan art field, Anhui Huangshan City

"Chinese Culture Four Seas" into the Fenghua Youth Art Exhibition, Xuedou Temple, Ningbo, Zhejiang

"Prajna flower court - mind color feast" Pearl Art Exhibition, Yi space, Beijing

“Node·Breaking through” art exhibition, Fine Arts Equivalence Gallery, China Beijing
Korea-China international fine arts exchange exhibition, Fine Arts Equivalence Gallery, China Beijing
《Youth·Dream Songzhuang》 sketches works exposition, Sunshine International Art Museum, Songzhuang Beijing
New Sensibility the contemporary exhibition of six people, chen ching-lung gallery, Beijing 798
“Adverse current spreading”——“post-songzhuang” 2016 ink nomination  nationwide tour, Fine Arts Equivalence Gallery, China Beijing
“Thoroughfare”——2016 Linyi city youth artists Invitational Exhibition, The exhibition center of Linyi Library, Linyi Shandong
“Empty” Contemporary Art Exhibition, Chengji Gallery, Wuxi
Staggered of May, iSGO Gallery, Shanghai
China Shandong International Gallery Art Fair, Shandong machinery exhibition center, Shandong


The Contemporary International Christmas Art Exhibition,Sunshine International Art Museum, Songzhuang Beijing
The sixth new star art festival, Xi’an Art Museum, Xi’an
“The war of Chinese ink painting” invitation & Exhibition, Fine Arts Equivalence Gallery, China Beijing
2015 Poly ART UP International Art Fair, Poly International Exhibition Center, Beijing
Annual Nomination Exhibition for Students of Contemporary Art Academies ,Today Art Museum , Beijing
Artgogo• Global Harbor Art Exhibition of ten thousand people,Shanghai Global Harbor ,Shanghai
Emerged Inspiration Art Exhibition, Nanjing Fenghuang Mountain gallery, Nanjing
“Beauty of benevolence” The source of culture in the new century art exhibition, Sunshine International Art Museum, Songzhuang Beijing
Powerball art festival 1st art exhibition, Light Rain Art Space, Hangzhou.
Chinese New Artists Exhibition, hi Art Center, Beijing
2014-2015 Exhibition for Nominated Young Artist in Asia, songyangart798, China Beijing
Beijing Youth Artists excellent exhibition, Today Art Museum, Beijing
Nanjing International Exhibition, Nanjing International Expo Center, Nanjing
“The Great Form is without shape” 2014 invitation & Exhibition, Fine Arts Equivalence Gallery, China Beijing
Breeze/Landscape: Invitation & Exhibition of Shang Yuan Artists, Shang Yuan Art Museum, China Beijing
Qingdao Contemporary art show in Shandong China
Zhulan committee 1st group show at in Qingdao China

2014 "Haze" won Beijing Youth Artists Award of Excellence in Today Art Museum, Beijing
2013 oil painting “Miracle No-01” win the most future prize young artist group show in Shandong China
2012 oil painting “Clear spring” win the golden prize of outstanding award of Against Corruption art competition at University in Shandong Province
2010 Shandong 2nd Art and design professional competition in oil painting 2ndround up.
2014 Artists in residence of shangyuan museum in Beijing China
Works published:
Work, "Haze" on February 1, 2014, published in the Fine Arts section 1054 edition 00026