Artist Interview|Ho Qingyuan Solo Exhibition“Meditation”

Date:2019/05/25 Editor: hopofid

Ho Qingyuan solo exhibition ——”Meditation" was opened at the HOPOFID Gallery  on May 14, 2019. The exhibition mainly features works by Ho Qingyuan from 2015 to 2019. At this stage, the artist entered a state of meditation and quietness, and the work was more pure and solemn.


—— Hopofid Gallery

Artist Interview:


My art is my perception of life and society. It is not something that can be accurately expressed in words.  So I paint, I have these artworks.


 In the late stage of the "Miracle" series painting, a static tension gradually appeared in my picture, and the work became more and more pure.  Then I found out that my mentality is changing, without the confusion and anxiety of the past, my heart is more calm, and I often fall into a state of meditation.  Therefore I opened the creation of this series of "Meditation" .  From the "Miracle"  series to the "Meditation" , it is actually more of a change in this state of mind.

The creation of "Miracle" series and "Meditation"series has been carried out at the same time for a period of time. There is a process of natural transition. It can also be seen in the works.


 I often meditate when I am alone, feel everything that is happening around me, the problems I face, and various social phenomena.  Sometimes the whole person is often in a void, as if entering a state of meditation.  This makes my heart calmer and more indifferent in many things.

 The process of creation prompted me to fall into deeper thinking.  This in-depth thinking also makes my feelings more acute.  My painting is me, life, and society.  There are conflicts and calms here, there are enthusiasm for blood and  cold high pressure, there is helpless sorrow and hopeful light... everything is in a delicate balance.  I believe that spiritual introspection is more powerful than intentional expression.

 What can you see in it...


——Ho Qingyuan


 Exhibition Photos:



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